Studio 1911 | About us
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STD1911 LOGOBenvenuti ad una agenzia di moda & Design – agenzia con il mix unico di Brands e passione, e una organizzazione di vendita ben strutturata.

L’azienda è situata in italia, gestione vendite, distribuzione, amministrazione e marketing. Con grande successo and #lotlove per i nostri brand, Studio19-11 Design Sales&pr cerca di fornire la migliore conoscenza e la cura per i nostri clienti e partner.

The idea is to create a company where each person contributes with their special line of expertise and all decisions are made together. We call it “commound ground”, not just because we went from 2 owners to 4 owners, but because we will be working with different people on various projects. Our company philosophy is: Keep it simple, Be personal and Work with great people. We have a passion for being creative, not only when it comes to clothing, but also interior decorating, Beauty, photography, web design, art, music, etc. We are passionate about what we do – and we are inspired by the people we work with and the people who buy our products.

Me and my husband are all about close contact and high level of service to our costumers. We consider all our costumers and partners as family and operate according to that philosphy. “The family is the first essential cell of human society”