Studio 1911 | Studio 19-11 Pr
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I work for wear brands and designer and shops on a freelance basis.
Here are a few ideas:

You are a brand:
– putting you in contact with online shops and/ or agencies
– trendspotting at fairs like PittiBimbo, Maisonandobject,Playtime, etc..
– pop up events
– styling / photography
– blogging
Shops which are approved by us to be included on Studio19-11 pay an annual membership fee. However, there are certain features on the Studio19-11 Lifestyleblog site which do not incur a cost and are established independently. Independently curated features include: placement on our blog, placement in a Top Ten list and placement in the ‘Product of the Day’ window.

You are a shop:
– product research for your shop
– trendspotting at fairs like pittibimbo,maisonandobject,Playtime, etc.
– pop up events
– blogging
– look books


and many more…

Contact me for more info here!